Food like never before

Taste Himachali Cuisine

Delicacies of Kangri Dham:Food is cooked on special occasions on wood fire in thick utensils made of Brass & Copper called "Charoti".Food is served course wise on fresh tree leaves called "Patal", while the guests sit on floor.Only plain white rice is served with all the dishes.Mainly the dishes cooked are:

MADRA:Different types of Madra is cooked in Curd,Spices & Dry Fruits.Madra can be of Rajmaha or White Channa or Mukand Wari or seasonal local vegetable like Lungru.

PALDA:Sort of Punjabi Kadi, but with more of Buttermilk & curd & less of Besan.Without Pakora, instead Cauliflower & thick Besan Sewian is used, which makes Palda entirely different then Punjabi Kadi.

AURI GREEN MOONG DAL:Green Moon Dal cooked with Pinch of Mustard Paste.

TELIA MAHA:Whole Black Maha(Urd Dal) & Rajmah cooked little dry in Mustard Oil.This little dry Dal & Mustard Oil flavour gives different taste than regular Dal Makhani.

KHATTA MEAT:Tender goat meat cooked with local Ammchoor,burnt whole Walnut with shell,Sonf & little Gud(to balance the sourness).

VEG KHATTA:Instead of meat Black Channa is cooked with same recipe.

MEETHA BHAAT:Basmati Rice cooked in Sugar Syrup, Desi Ghee & Dry Fruits is served as Dessert.

Other Himachali Food we serve to our guests:REHRU, KHUOROO, BABROO, SIDDU, BEDUAN ROTI, AURI WALA PETHA & Seasonal Vegetables as LUNGRU or LASHURA, KARALI, AMBUA & PATRODE.

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